The ultimate aim of karate is in the �Perfection of the Character of its Participants�. One of these main principles is that �karate begins & ends with courtesy�. Our national Chito-Ryu leader (saikoshihan), Sensei Shane Higashi, extended this philosophy with the phrase �One Heart, One Mind�, which means that all karate practitioners must help and support one another. It is only through this spirit of cooperation, that karate can achieve its ultimate aim.

one heart, one mind




Ware Ware Karate-do oh Shugyo Surumonowa,
Tsuneni Bushido Seishin oh Wasurezu,
Wa to Nin Oh Motte Nashi,
Soshite Tsutomereba Kanarazu Tassu

We who study karate-doh,
Must never forget the spirit of the warriors way.
With peace, perseverance and hard work,
We will reach our goal.


Nous qui �tudions le Karat�-do

Nous ne devons jamais oublier l'espirit du Guerrier

Dans la paix, la pers�v�rance et le travail

Nous atteindrons notre but sans faute.

"The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of character of its participants."

Gichin Funakoshi
1869 - 1957

Chito Dun

Hitotsu:  Reigiwo omonzubeshi

Firstly:  Respect is Foremost in our minds.

Futatsu:  Taidowo tadasubashi.
Secondly:  Always seek the correct attitude.

Mitsu:  Gengowo tsutushumenbeshi.
Thirdly:  Speak little, listen more.

Yotsu:  Ikiwo sakanni subseshi.
Fourthly:  Strive for a vigorous spirit.

Itutsu:  Seiketsuwo muneto subeshi.
Fifthly: A clean body is essential.

(O'Sensei, Tsuyoshi Chtose)